SelectHorse offer expert training for both showjumping and dressage in English (as well as in French and Finnish) both at our stables and away at competitions. Other activities include private lessons on our own schoolmasters, the breeding and selling of horses and provision of tack and accessories. We also offer yoga lessons that help to develop concentration, core strength, flexibility and mental and physical balance for riders and non-riders. We are situated in beautiful countryside north of Rouen, in Normandy.

The horses we train are cared for holistically. Our approach ensures that the focus is on providing the correct long-term commitment to feeding, exercise, shoeing and environment that puts both horse and rider’s physical and mental well-being at the centre of what we do.

Kaisa Kangas of SelectHorse is an experienced, multi-lingual, Finnish-born riding instructor, rider and yoga teacher. Highly skilled, she has a dressage trainer diploma from the elite Cadre Noir of Saumur, working according to the FEI. scales of training. For non-French riders, Kaisa can provide valuable support in navigating the French equestrian registration, exam and competition system.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help in finding information, people or horses in France!

Testimonial :

« I arrived in France with my horses 4 years ago, having competed for many years in affiliated competitions in England, latterly in dressage. I intended to compete in France but struggled to find out how it all worked as it is different to the UK. My lack of French language skills didn’t help, and I had almost given up after three years. Finding Kaïsa was a huge breakthrough! Not only could I now continue training with lessons in English but Kaïsa helped me to gain my necessary Galop 7 and register as a competitor. She translated the dressage tests and encouraged me to enter my first dressage competition in France. After that my horses and I had a very successful year and lots of fun! » Melanie Lawless, client of SelectHorse

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